We love weddings & events!

Cascade Trail Farm has been providing cut flowers for weddings and events for over 10 years. We added full service, on site florals two years ago. It's now one of our favorites.

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My Story

Bill and Mary Trueman bought our small farm as newlyweds in 1924. As a widow with three small boys, Mary supported them by raising and milking cows and keeping chickens for egg sales, A large garden provided food for the family, fresh vegetable is the spring and summer, canned or stored fruit and produce for the rest of the year. This sustainable farm has been worked non-stop for almost a century. 

Marcia, Savanah and baby Millie, who is the 6th generation, are the current family farmers. Our main crops these days are a variety of flowers for cutting. We also sell plant starts, herbs, gourds, pumpkins and some produce. In the winter we keep busy with a variety of wreaths. We love to create evergreen wreaths and swags from trees that were planted when Marcia bought the property in 2004. Grandma Mary lived here until then, when she passed away at home at age 101. There is also a tiny cedar grove in the middle of an open field that has been here longer than anyone can remember. For entertainment, we  have a few Nigerian dwarf goats who help out by eating brush and improving garden soil (and getting into all kinds of trouble.) Roundup grass killer, and those sorts of chemicals are not used on our property.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Text/Phone Savanah: 360 941 0100