Handmade concrete lady pot indoor decor or planter pot for cactus, succulents and smaller house plants. Choose small rounded cactus, taller linear cactus, aloe, or succulent.Each pot is about 4 1/4" tall and 3" at widest point. Inside pot depth is about 3 1/4". Each pot is individually hand made in Northwest Washington, no two will be decorated exactly alike. 

  succulent or cactus for indoors-not winter hardy outdoors. Drain hole in bottom of pot included when ordering a planted pot. Do not over water! With good growing conditions, the cactus or succulent will provide off shoots as it gets bigger. The original plant can be repotted into a larger container and the little pups replanted in the pot. Cactus have thorny spines, handle with care.
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Lady Pot with plant

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